Put our high net worth divorce financial expertise to work for your clients.

Put our high net worth financial expertise to work for your clients.

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Attorney Services

Compiling and evaluating detailed financial information inherent in divorce.

Divorce can be one of the most stressful processes a client ever goes through. Because you want to ensure your client’s case is prepared with every advantage possible, Smith FSG will put our experience to work at every step to help you achieve a fair, financially equitable divorce settlement.

Our team assists attorneys in compiling and evaluating the often vast detailed financial information inherent to divorce: we’ll review all documents, statements and records to corroborate every budget expense and ensure your client’s financial declaration will advocate their case. We will present you with compelling specific case exhibits and provide reliable expert witness testimony if a case goes to court. In addition, we perform in-depth research so clients can be confident they have a comprehensive financial plan that is effective and relevant before, during and after the divorce settlement.

Depending on your preferences and the sensitivities of your clients, Smith FSG can work side-by-side with you as an integral part of your client team, or provide our full range of services discreetly behind the scenes.

Michelle Smith, CEO
Smith Financial Services Group

Our services to our attorneys includes:

  • Lifestyle analysis (for accurate expenses history)
  • Projected Needs analysis (future budgeting and immediate cash flow needs)
  • Net Worth Statement preparation
  • Review and analysis of corporate benefits, deferred compensation and pension plans
  • Life insurance securitization calculations
  • In general, a financial zoom lens for your cases and clients