When you leave a high net-worth marriage, be sure to leave with what's rightfully yours

When you leave a high net worth marriage, be sure to leave with what's rightfully yours.

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High net worth divorce isn’t just an event. It’s a process.

Divorce can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Smith FSG is here to bring you peace of mind and guide you step-by-step through what can seem to be an alien and unnecessarily intimidating process.

As one of the leading divorce financial professionals in the industry, Michelle Smith, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®, has seen it all during her 30 years of financial practice. Her financial planning and investment expertise as CEO of Source Financial Advisors serve as the basis for the divorce financial specialty at Smith FSG. She and her team have developed a holistic process from lifestyle review to settlement analysis that will educate and give you the confidence to pursue the best path forward during and after divorce.

Take a deep breath. Our years of experience ensures that you have a trusted advisor to lean on during the entire divorce process for clear thinking, perspective, guidance and access to the skills and services necessary to ensure that everything will – ultimately – be okay.

Michelle Smith CDFA

Michelle Smith, CEO
Smith Financial Services Group

Divorcing Individuals

Each divorce is different and no two follow exactly the same path. Whether the divorce was your idea or you suddenly find yourself going down a road you never wanted to travel, you should be aware of all the issues and options available for achieving the best outcome. Divorce raises tough questions. We have the answers.

Post-Divorcing Individuals

Divorce can be a crash course in understanding finances that can be overwhelming for even the most financially sophisticated. Once your settlement is final, we'll help you design and execute smart, strategic plans to manage your money -- whether you receive it as a lump sum, scheduled payments, or a combination.

Attorney Services

Our team assists attorneys in compiling and evaluating the often vast detailed financial information inherent to divorce: we’ll review all documents, statements and records to corroborate every budget expense and ensure your client’s financial declaration will advocate their case.