A settlement is just the start.

So, where do you go from here? While your divorce may be final, a settlement doesn’t mean everything’s settled. You’ve got the rest of your life to plan for, and maybe those of your children or aging parents as well. Financial planning isn’t about numbers and projections; it’s about helping you live the life you want to lead.

The divorce practice of Smith FSG is an affiliate of Source Financial Advisors, a firm offering experienced wealth management solutions and unique specialty financial services that help you prepare to meet every financial opportunity – and challenge. Your wealth management needs are as unique as you are, so we provide tailored advice and investment solutions that will dovetail perfectly with your specific time horizon, objectives and outlook for the future.

Source Financial Advisors offers: Divorce is never easy, but it should be financially fair. We’ll help make it so.
We act as your financial advocate, but it’s important that we connect with the human side of money.